Friday, February 25, 2011

Spiritbead’s Crocheted Beach Creations

Spiritbead’s Crocheted Beach Creations

I learned to Crochet from my boss at a copy center I worked at.  I figured out that there are a million things you can do with crochet, and not just with yarn!  If you have ever known me in the studio, I tend to work small.  I like smaller, more intimate pieces.  So instead of crocheting my items with yarn, I use string.

There’s a section in Jo-Ann Fabrics with colored string.  There  is a kind that comes in a spiraling bundle, and the colors gradate from one to the next- I just love that stuff!  I love that its not just one color. 

Sometimes when you gather articles of clothing together and nothing matches what you want, jewelry or items made with this string go great with one color group because there are multiple shades of that group.  One string is medium blue, gray blue and a little bit teal, so that would match perfectly with any top that’s any blue color.

Jellyfishes were my first creations with this type of string.  They didn’t take too incredibly long to make, so I priced them accordingly.  Then I saw a bracelet somewhere with strands of crocheted chain with beads and sequins, and inspired my crocheted bracelets with the dangles.

Lastly my necklaces.  I wanted to enhance the variations of blue in one piece of jewelry, paying attention to the style now, in which LONG necklaces are worn.  So I combined my favorite gradating string, beads colored in the shades of one color group, and this inspired style, and made these cute soft rings.  

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