Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beading with Mom: An Unusual Relationship.

My mom, Patti Byard, came up from Indiana to attend my bridal shower last Saturday, the 8th.  We look alike, talk alike, and we say the same things at the same time, but we are so totally different that we just don’t get it. Even though this happens all the time, we are still surprised, and a new onslaught of high pitched giggles comes from the dining room.

Mom introduced me to beads when I was a wee child.  Once, I took a few different colors of tiny seed beads, and dumped them all in the same bowl and mixed them up to create my own delicious bead soup!  Mom was furious, but I had no idea.  She knew I was just a kid, and put the beads up after that, until I was older. 

We strung them, we wove them and she always put the materials right in front of me, and I learned to use them better than she did, and after awhile, I was the one teaching her!  I advanced to a level she couldn’t follow, but she is still my biggest fan ever.  I wish there was internet at her house. You cannot add her as a friend, or even email her.

So I’m getting back into craft fairs a little more timidly this year, as I haven’t been too successful with them in the past!  So she helped me make a ton of quick selling one and two strand bracelets, and I made her 20 pairs of earrings to sell at her yard sales this summer.  We had the table all scattered with odds and ends… beads and bowls, wire and pliers, thread and clasps, crimps, findings and sculpey and tools.  It was GREAT.

She stayed an extra day because we were having so much fun!

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  1. What a lovely post, I am glad you both had so much fun. (But can I put in a word for bead soup, it is my favorite!)