Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christmas Bead Commotion

Teaching the jewelry classes at Jo-Ann Fabrics has brought to my attention what sorts of jewelry people like these days.  I can see the same styles mimicked in magazines and on TV.  So I’m thinking that perhaps I may be able to use this in my personal jewelry making business.  Also, the holidays are creeping up on us again, and I thought about the beads that I use.  I use the beads everyone else uses. So I made yet another decision.

To make jewelry using my own created beads.  Christmas beads!  I have noticed some new polymer clay beads in my store, and decided to go off of that.  So I began with Santa Head beads, and when those were complete, as of last Tuesday the 14Th, I followed that with little Gingerbread men!  Now I was hooked.  I combined some red glitter in with my translucent clay to make some snazzy sparkly stockings with little snowmen on them.  It didn’t stop there, either!

Then something occurred to me.  If I don’t make something with the beads, some people won’t know what to do with them, and probably won’t buy the beads themselves.  This is when I had come to the conclusion that I should apply the designs I’ve been learning about in my teaching, and combine that with my new beads.

So today, one Tuesday later, I have made six necklaces each using one kind of the new Christmas beads I made.  I am so proud of them! I’ll be making bracelets with the new clay beads with bells soon, too.  I should have those up in another week!

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